Watch this space

Welcome to A Higher Porpoise Tai Chi.

My name is Jane Carlton and I teach tai chi and health qigong in the Wigan and Leigh area in the Northwest of England. This year hasn't started out great with us being in lockdown but 2021 can still be a time for renewal. As part of that I am doing a complete revamp of the website and social media. The shiny new website will be launched 1 February 2021 and will more accessible and informative, and better integrated with social media.

In the meantime classes continue as normal, depending on Covid-19 restrictions. While we are in tier 3 or above, all classes are online. You can see class listings here.

You can still get a free 2021 calendar and a voucher for a free class when you sign up for more information.

In January, many people make resolutions to take care of their health and wellbeing. Tai chi and qigong are great ways of doing this. To find out more about these ancient Chinese practices, just fill in your contact details here.