Breathing Meditations in the USA

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Breathing Meditations CD

"Breathing Meditations" is a collection of short poetic visualization meditations upon basic yoga philosophy with an emphasis on breath. It is a collaboration between a poet in Tennessee, USA and an Enneagram teacher in Lancashire, UK. They have never met in the "real world", communicating only through cyberspace. It began in the virtual reality of Second Life when they got together to lead meditations at Mystic Academy for the many avatars seeking a spiritual dimension to their virtual experience. In contrast with its high-tech roots, "Breathing Meditations" uses natural imagery to relax and ground the listener.

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We made a machinima video with the Healing Meditation from the album as the soundtrack, starring Baji. Here it is:

And when we were playing around we made a video to let everyone know how much we really like to meditate, in the style of Dr Seuss. This one stars both of us.

Meet the artists

Jane Carlton is a tai chi instructor, NLP coach and Enneagram teacher. Enneagram guru David Daniels once told her to find her voice and she thinks that in working with Baji (Patricia) she has finally done that.
 Born the spring before the Summer of Love, Patricia M. Quig has spent her life wandering in search of love and beauty while scribbling poetry. Her greatest loves are cats, trees, water, the poetry of Pablo Neruda, and the vastness of the universe.