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postal address: 3 Coniston Street, Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 1XH, UK

telephone: 01942 681206

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Tai Chi

My school. Information about seminars and other cool stuff, like trips to China.

The online shop linked to my school where you can fulfil all your tai chi equipment desires.

An organisation to promote tai chi and bring together tai chi practitioners. It also has a section which lists qualified tai chi instructors in your area.

A useful resource for finding tai chi classes in your local area. Also a shop where you can buy cool tai chi stuff.

An article on the NHS website about tai chi and its health benefits.

Other A Higher Porpoise stuff

This is our sister website, where I have moved all the material on coaching, NLP and the Enneagram.

Our YouTube page where you can watch our videos.

Our CafePress shop where you can buy lots of cool A Higher Porpoise and "Breathing Meditations" merchandise.

Our other CafePress shop where you can buy cool Enneagram themed stuff.

Our SpreadShirt shop where you can buy most of the above in Europe.

Other good stuff

Belly dancing blog from Jane Hanley who teaches in the Wigan and Leigh area.

Jane's more serious side as a textile designer.

Yoga and other soul-nurturing stuff in Liverpool.

The Reiki & Relaxology Centre was established in 1998 by Ray Goldy (Reiki Ray) who is an experienced Complementary Therapist. Ray specialises in Tera-Mai Reiki & Seichem and as well as giving TREATments, Ray also is a Teaching Member of the Tera-Mai Healers Association. For information please visit the web-site or ring 01942 207302 for an appointment.

This is an article about me starting to teach the Enneagram in Second Life.

Healing and artwork in the London area.